Digital optical cable

Digital optical cable

Prodcts using digital output connectors

Many new, high-quality Mini Disc, pro-audio, DAT (Digital Audio Tape), CD, DVD, and laser disc players, as well as digital amplifiers, DSS satellite receivers, and computer sound cards, are manufactured with digital optical output connectors. These connectors attach to optical cables, which are constructed with a PVC jacket and a plastic core. The cables transfer information accurately over short distances via digital light signals with low loss and no distortion.

Digital optical cable less expensive than fibre optic cable

Digital optical cable with plastic-core construction is less expensive than fibre optic cable with a glass core, but it still provides the benefits of optical transmission over short distances. Digital audio makes it possible to use high-quality digital-to-analogue converters, which help to maintain the integrity of sound signals from high-end electronic devices.

Two types of connectors

The two types of connectors associated with digital optical transmission are TOSLINK®, a Toshiba® trademark, and the 3.5-mm Mini Plug connector.

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