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Direction, studios, broadcast operation and control

Direction, studios, broadcast operation and control

KVM applications in studios, broadcast operation and control

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  • KVM technology allows the physical separation of users and their computers.
  • KVM Extension and KVM Switching provide a quiet environment for directors, presenters and without the background noise and heat.
  • It also gives the user real time access to the back-racked servers with no connection issues.
  • Our KVM applications also integrate SDI video, studio touchscreens, keyboards and other input devices.

How is a KVM solution designed for broadcast control and studios?

KVM Extenders transmit from the central equipment room to end users. The transmitter of the KVM Extender encodes the signals (e.g. video, USB, audio, and serial) from the computer and sends them over a transmission media such as optical fibre or CATx cable, to the receiver of the KVM Extender in broadcast control, or the studio. The receiver provides ports to connect all devices (mouse, keyboard, monitor, audio speakers, USB devices, etc.) required by the users. These individual extensions can be easily combined through a KVM Switching system, to establish a cost effective and high performance switching matrix.


How does KVM optimise process for broadcast control and studios?

Using existing network infrastructure, video signals can be transmitted simultaneously with peripheral signals (eg mouse, keyboard) whilst the USB interface ensures easy integration. Downtime can be minimized significantly by keeping the computers in air-conditioned rooms.

Switching is instant and can be controlled centrally or directly by user via hotkey commands. Our KVM systems can easily be combined with external control devices to provide an IT system that connects perfectly with broadcast signals.

KVM solutions for broadcast control and studios

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