Secure Serial Console Servers

Remotely manage servers and network devices ensuring maximum network uptime

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Black Box Secure Serial Console Servers let IT managers and administrators get access to remote networking equipment when the network connection itself is broken. Console servers are a reliable and feature-rich solution that simplifies out-of-band management of your network, server and power infrastructure in data centres and remote sites, from anywhere, at any time. Powerful monitoring, diagnostics and remediation features enable recovery from infrastructure connection failures to maximise network uptime. An intuitive device dashboard with pro-active alerting provides network and IT administrators with real time status for the core infrastructure.

Product Features

  • Multiple Network Device Management

    Access hundreds of console servers connected to thousands of servers, switches and routers across multiple sites.

  • Out-of-Band Management and Remote Network Troubleshooting

    Remotely manage multiple console servers, pinpoint failed devices and address issues quickly, eliminating the need to send personnel on-site in response to issues.

  • Maximum Network Uptime

    Enable ongoing maintenance and disaster recovery of mission-critical IT infrastructure, even when the network is down.

  • Enterprise-Grade Network Security

    Control network access with local and remote authentication, authorization and accounting with RADIUS, Kerberos, Active Directory, TACACS+ and other security protocols.

  • Centralised Networking Performance Monitoring and VCMS Software Support

    Access devices, monitor status and troubleshoot issues from anywhere through a single portal, minimising downtime and the impact on your operations with Virtual Central Management System (VCMS) software support.


Product Benefits

Out-of-Band Management

Allow to proactively perform ongoing maintenance and disaster recovery of mission-critical IT infrastructure, even when the network is down

Flexible Remote Network Access

Reliable remote access to remote data centre equipment through Internet, POTS, or cellular wireless access

Remote Power Management

Unified power management of PDU and UPS equipment, allowing a user to trigger a soft shutdown of any server, thus controlling disruptions and surges

Redundancy through Automatic Failover of Network and Power

Enable uninterrupted workflows through a redundant power supply and a secondary network interface for mission-critical situations where automatic failover is required

Network Troubleshooting

With VCMS (Virtual Central Management System), you get proactive alerting, allowing to detect faults before they become failures, address issues quickly and minimise downtime

Serial-over-IP Access

IP access and control of serial devices like servers, networking devices, security appliances, rack PDUs, virtual hosts, and wireless/telecom equipment

Network Performance Monitoring

Get an instant snapshot of key performance parameters such as bandwidth usage, activity of devices/users and power usage

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor and log system's health and physical environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, motion and more

Out-of-Band, not Out-of-Hand

Most IT organizations use network management systems (NMS) such as HP Openview to manage and monitor critical network assets. If IT assets rely on the data network for connectivity to the NMS, and the network goes down, the NMS usefulness is limited. Console servers allow network administrators to use a separate out-of-band management network or communications link for configuration and troubleshooting that is independent of the data network, improving diagnostics and network availability. Admins can choose from several secure WAN connection options including Ethernet, cellular wireless, and POTS modems.

Use out-of-band management with console servers to remotely reconfigure, reboot and reimage:

  • Switches, routers, servers, or any device with a RS-232 serial console port
  • PBXs, video conferencing systems, firewalls
  • PDUs and UPSs
  • Environmental monitoring

Application Scenarios

Industrial and Manufacturing

Application Diagram
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Provide real-time access to process control systems
  • Connect to serial devices over very long distances—as far as your network stretches or across the Internet

Finance and Insurance

Application Diagram
  • Provide secure administrator access to the Ethernet switches, at any time, from anywhere
  • Maximise the availability of systems
  • Minimise down-time in the event of systems failure

Data Centres and Co-locations

Application Diagram
  • Remote data centre device management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Power management

Oil and Gas

Application Diagram
  • Remotely manage proprietary equipment where physical access is difficult
  • Environmental monitoring


Application Diagram
  • Allow mission-critical applications and networks to be effectively managed at all times
  • Remote management

Industry Applications

Product Portfolio

LES1600 Series
Console Servers with Cisco Pinout

Value-priced console server provides economical, redundant out-of-band management.

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LES1700 Series
Console Servers

Advanced console port access that's fully redundant with dual Ethernet ports, WiFi plus a modem.

Buy Here

Enterprise Secure Serial Server with Cisco Pinout

Secure, remote network management of up to 48 devices.

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Central Management System Software

Provide central management of remote console servers.

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Series Serial ports Dual power Dual uplinks 4G wireless POTS USB ports
LES1500 16, 32, 48      
LES1600 4, 8    
LES1700 8, 16, 32, 48  

Cisco ISR 2900 Series Routers EOL Replacement

If your customers have a need for a high-density terminal server and they have always relied on the Cisco 2900 or any ISR router, ask them to look at the Black Box LES1600 and LES1700 series console servers. These devices are embedded with innovative OOB technology and are purpose-built to provide terminal/console server access. They can easily be substituted into new or existing data centres and come in various port densities ranging from 4 to 48. The Black Box console servers are designed specifically to work with Cisco equipment.

Cisco recommends the ISR 4000 series as an alternative to the ISR 2911 combined with NIM modules. With our LES1700 solution, you can connect up to 48 devices with an embedded PSTN modem and/or cellular. The new ISR 4000 can only connect up to 32 devices in the same 1 RU configuration. View the comparison chart to compare specifications.