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Applications and Appliances

Applications and appliances

Now that your network is up and running it is time to consider what to do with the network. Surely you did not install a Layer III switch and DSL Modems running a 10 kilometer copper line to do some gaming. You are running an office.

  • Then you will need a print server and a router to send and receive e-mails.
  • If you send e-mails and make appointments with your customers you surely need to have the correct time on your computer. Computer clocks are not as accurate as they should be. A time server to synchronize date and time by GPS or DCF77 will help you. You have a production site with machines doing something somewhere anyhow. For those a time server will be very useful too. Especially SPS systems require to have a correct time set up, otherwise your programming of the SPS will fail. These machines producing or doing anything will have some control interface, maybe already Ethernet, in many cases still RS232 serial. To connect them to your network you can use a device or terminal server.
  • You have set up Wireless LAN access in your office? Or you are running a complete hot spot for people to access the internet. Maybe some of these people accessing the internet and your network you do not like. An Access Controller will control your network, allow standard internet access and disallow bad things.
  • And of course for internet you again need a router. Some of you will have the need to use standard ISDN. In many countries it is still state of the art to transmit financial data and tax information to government services. Our ISDN converters and bridges will bring the ISDN connection where you need it.
  • At last but not least, maybe you have purchased a very expensive color laser printer or plotter. Some consulting engineers and architects need those. It already has an Ethernet Interface? Great! But what about protecting the printer or plotter from any overvoltage? The Network Isolator will keep you from being awake all night because with our Network Isolator your investment is protected. Hospitals and other medical facilities are forced by law to use this type of equipment.