Thiel College

The background

With a 98% career placement rate, 12-to-1 student/ faculty ratio, and recognition by Peterson's Guides as one of the top 200 undergraduate institutions in science and mathematics, Thiel College in Greenville, PA has steadily increasing enrolment. More than 1000 liberal arts students now attend the school and take full advantage of the campus-wide network installed by Black Box.

Fibre first

After assisting Thiel College for several years in the planning and designing stages of a campus-wide network, Black Box was awarded a contract to implement a fibre optic network. We also installed two UNIX® servers and various network electronics and workstations. This fast-track project was completed in less than 60 days during the college's summer break.

All of Thiel's main college buildings were connected in a star fashion with multimode fibre optic cables running back to the main data centre. Black Box installed, terminated, tested, and labelled approximately 5000 feet of multimode fibre optic cable, as well as some UTP horizontal cabling in several locations. Black Box engineers supplied, configured, and set up high-end servers.

They support Thiel College's Internet connections and e-mail for the school's internal communications.


Ongoing client support

During our first project, Thiel College informed us of its plans to bring the dormitories on-line and implement campus-wide voice and data switches.

Recently, Thiel awarded Black Box the contract to complete its campus-wide network. Thiel's network expansion required faster backbone technology to support the additional bandwidth demands. We designed and built a faster Ethernet-ready network infrastructure. It connects approximately 2000 user locations (cable drops). Another partner installed the underground conduit system. Following performance tests on the rest of the installation, the project was completed just three months after work began.

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