See how German Radio Station are using KVM solutions from Black Box

With upcoming renovations, a radio station intended to update their existing hardware including the KVM system. The new KVM system should be sustainable and therefore support both analog as well as digital video in the best picture quality.

Original plans had to be rejected again, because special touch screen (ELO APR) should be used, which have not been compatible with the corresponding KVM systems. In addition, emphasis was placed on easy extensibility.

The radio station has finally chosen the DKM FX system from Black Box, because this was the only solution available in an appropriate large size fully meeting the range of required performance.


Initially a switch with about 80-ports was required. The radio station, however, decided to use a 160-port chassis, which will fit the former operation as well as allow the gradual expansion. Currently 60 computers and 50 user stations are connected via the DKM FX system. The ELO touchscreens are fully supported using DKM transmitters and - receivers with embedded USB 2.0 and full HD video.

Thanks to the new transmitter and receiver with embedded USB, that transmit transparent USB 2.0 along with the video signals over a single link, there is no more need for additional USB extenders. This means savings in space as well as cost and storage.

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